A person wearing a reflective vest standing in front of an infrastructure project plan board, holding a rock, with their face out of focus.

“Six Exciting Infrastructure Projects Up for Bidding in Cancún!”

Six public infrastructure projects in Cancún are awaiting the completion of their bidding processes. These projects will add to the 11 already under construction as part of the Annual Investment Program 2024, which totals around 325 million pesos.

According to the Ministry of Public Works and Services, the six projects up for bidding include the construction of drainage in San Alfredo Colony, the construction of absorption wells, the installation of signs, and the rehabilitation of Miguel Hidalgo avenue between Ixtepec Avenue and Avenida 145.

Other plans include the construction of a football pitch in Supermanzana 247, the construction of a park in Cielo Nuevo Colony, and improvements to Cancún's DIF infrastructure.

The Ministry of Public Works and Services recently conducted a tour of six projects. These projects include various roadworks where asphalt concrete, absorption wells, horizontal and vertical signs, curbs, and sidewalks are being constructed.

The tour included the resurfacing of Tules Avenue in two segments, between Chac Mool and Kabah Avenues, and between Paseo El Durazno and Calle 18. This work includes over 25,000 square meters of concrete resurfacing, 19 absorption wells, 79 vertical signage pieces, and over 6,700 linear meters of horizontal signage.

Additional work on Politécnico and Chac Mool Avenues included over 29,000 square meters of resurfacing, the construction of 19 absorption wells, 28 pieces of vertical signage, over 2,600 linear meters of curbs, over 2,300 square meters of sidewalks, and over 900 square meters of dentellón construction.

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Further enhancements on these avenues included over 1,200 linear meters of tactile line, over 100 square meters of ramps, 52 pieces of road lights, and a 15 KWA single-phase transformer.

For Avenida Acanceh, over 11,000 square meters of pavement were applied, five absorption wells were built, over 2,200 linear meters of horizontal signage were applied, and 35 pieces of vertical signage were placed.

Lastly, the renewal of the potable water network and sanitary drainage was inspected in various Cancún colonies to ensure proper wastewater disposal and drinking water supply. Read more