Individuals casting votes at a polling station under a canopy with "EL VOTO ES LIBRE Y SECRETO" sign, meaning "The vote is free and secret."

Quintana Roo Elections: Morena Dominates with Surprising Results

Quintana Roo has shown its support for the continuation of current leadership in the recent June 2nd elections. Morena's Claudia Sheinbaum, who is running for the presidency of the republic, received a significant 70 percent of the electoral preferences. As of the 24-hour cut-off, she had secured 160,821 votes with 16 percent of the polling stations reporting.

According to the Preliminary Results Program (PREP), Morena and PAN will maintain control of the senatorships. Anahí González and Gino Segura, from the Sigamos Haciendo Historia coalition, secured 66 percent of the votes. Meanwhile, current PAN senator Mayuli Martínez received 20.9 percent of the votes and actor Roberto Palazuelos got 9.8 percent, with 15 percent of the total polling stations reporting.

Federal deputies will also remain under the control of the Sigamos Haciendo Historia alliance. Juan Carrillo in district 1 received 60 percent of the vote, Elda Xix in district 2 received 62.9 percent, Humberto Aldana in district 3 received 51 percent, and Mildred Ávila in district 4 received 61 percent.

Initial results show that the presidents of several municipalities, including Benito Juárez, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Tulum, Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Bacalar, and José María Morelos, have won their races. Solidaridad, Cozumel, and Lázaro Cárdenas appear to be won by the Morena alliance, while Othón P. Blanco has gone to Movimiento Ciudadano. These results are based on 18 percent of the certificates computed.

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With 19 percent of the certificates computed at the 24-hour cut-off, the Ieqroo suggests that local deputies will include Alberto Batun in district 1, Andrea González in district 2, Rubén Carrillo in district 3, Alexa Murguia in district 4, and Hugo Alday in district 5. Other winners appear to be Paola Moreno in district 6, Eric Arcila in district 7, and Jimena Lassa in district 8. Euterpe Gutiérrez leads in district 9, Majo Osorio in district 10, Renán Sánchez in district 11, Silvia Dzul in district 12, José María Chacón in district 13, Diana Gutierrez in district 14, and Saulo Aguilar in district 15. All of these winners are from Morena and its allies.