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Solidaridad Gears Up: 51 Shelters Ready for Hurricane Season

The specialized operational committee on hydrometeorological phenomena recently reported the expectation of 11 to 12 tropical storms this year, with 9 to 11 potentially escalating into hurricanes. In response, Solidaridad has prepared 51 shelters and 47 hotel self-shelters, all of which have been inspected and certified by Civil Protection. These facilities have the capacity to safeguard over 45,000 residents and visitors.

Within the municipality of Solidaridad, 51 shelters are located in Playa del Carmen, with nine designated for immediate use in the event of a storm. An additional five shelters are situated in Puerto Aventuras, including two for immediate use. These shelters, along with the 47 hotel self-shelters, have all been inspected and certified to ensure they are fully operational.

The preparation for this hurricane season involves a coordinated effort between the armed forces, various government departments, the hotel industry, businesses, and non-profit organizations. All parties are working in unison to protect residents and visitors. Solidaridad has a force of 1,786 personnel, equipped with 381 vehicles and 10 specialized machines, from the Secretariats of Civil Protection and Firefighters, Public Safety and Municipal Transit, and Public Services. These resources are dedicated to reducing disaster risk and minimizing potential damage and losses.

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