Two people wading through floodwaters in front of a thatched-roof house with water reaching halfway up the entrance doors.

Severe Flooding Hits José María Morelos: Residents Struggle Amid Crisis

Heavy rainfall this Saturday led to severe flooding in various communities within José María Morelos, including X-Cabil. Residents have reported significant damage due to the floods. In X-Cabil alone, 24 properties have been flooded, with water levels reaching nearly 70 centimeters, according to a statement from the José María Morelos City Council.

The full extent of the material losses caused by the flooding remains uncertain, and the situation could worsen in the coming hours due to ongoing rainfall. The city center has also experienced flooding, with several properties and streets becoming nearly impassable.

Among the affected properties are several educational institutions, which had already reported damage earlier this week due to continuous rainfall. In response to the crisis, Civil Protection and Firefighter brigades have been dispatched throughout the municipality. Their mission is to implement emergency response protocols and relocate residents to temporary shelters.

The city council has assured the public that it will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the damage caused by the heavy rains once the weather conditions improve.

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