Traffic moving through a sunny intersection with a mix of cars and traffic lights, captured at different angles in a triptych format

Chaos in Playa del Carmen: Power Outage Causes Traffic Mayhem

A recent power outage in Playa del Carmen has disrupted traffic lights and caused major disruptions on the roads. The blackout, which occurred on Wednesday, has been particularly impactful in southern neighborhoods such as Ejido, Ejido Sur, El Bali subdivision, and part of Bellavista.

The city's main thoroughfares are also experiencing traffic light failures, with insufficient traffic personnel on hand to manage the flow of vehicles. One notable example is the intersection of 125th Avenue and Constituyentes, where the lack of functioning signals has significantly increased the risk of accidents. This area of the city is notably lacking in traffic agents to provide assistance during this crisis.

The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has yet to provide an estimated time for when power will be restored. The blackout has impacted hundreds of residents in Playa del Carmen, many of whom have previously expressed dissatisfaction with the CFE for damaging their electrical devices or disrupting their daily activities due to power outages.

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