A partially constructed bridge with visible concrete support pillars and a section with no roadway connected against a backdrop of green foliage and a faint power line tower in the background.

SHOCKING: Tren Maya Bridge Collapse in Maxcanú!

A portion of the Tren Maya bridge, located near the Oxkintok archaeological site, has partially collapsed, sparking concern among local residents. The news of the collapse was first reported on social media by inhabitants of the nearby Puerta del Sol subdivision, which is adjacent to the construction site.

Initial reports and shared images reveal that a section of the concrete slabs that form part of the bridge's structure, along with a portion of the metallic retaining wall, gave way. The collapse is believed to have been caused by recent rainfall, which may have weakened the bridge's materials and overall structure.

Residents have taken to social media to voice their concerns and criticisms regarding the quality of the construction work and the materials used. It's worth noting that this bridge, a part of the Tren Maya project, spans the railway tracks, with the site of the collapse located next to these rails.

Authorities and those in charge of the project are expected to arrive soon to evaluate the condition and safety of the bridge.

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