A waterspout forms over the ocean near a beach with people in the water and a person on the sand under dark storm clouds.

Video of Stunning Tulum Waterspout Goes Viral

A video of a waterspout off the coast of Tulum in Quintana Roo has taken social media by storm. The 22-second clip quickly gained traction online, with viewers captivated by the stunning display of nature’s power.

In the video, the waterspout, often referred to as a “water tornado,” can be seen in all its glory. These phenomena are typically short-lived and form under specific environmental conditions. They are usually not dangerous to ships as they dissipate quickly.

Waterspouts occur due to the interaction of hot and cold air in unstable environments where storm clouds or precipitation are present. They are considered the most violent atmospheric disturbances, according to the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred).

The video has elicited a range of reactions on social media, with many users expressing awe and admiration for the spectacle. Comments such as “nature commands respect”, “completely beautiful” and “how impressive” have accompanied the video’s widespread sharing.

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