A jaguar lying on a tree branch, surrounded by lush green foliage, with its head resting on its paws as it relaxes.

15 Jaguars Spotted in Yucatán’s Nature Reserves: A Majestic Discovery!

The Tech4Nature México project, dedicated to monitoring jaguars, has identified over 15 of these majestic creatures in Yucatán's protected natural areas. There are also reports of a possible cub sighting, which is currently awaiting confirmation.

The project, initiated three years ago, has been instrumental in making Yucatán a key reference point for jaguar and sound monitoring. Its success has led to the region advancing to the second phase of the project.

The initiative was first launched in the Dzilam de Bravo State Reserve. However, it was later successfully implemented in the Biocultural State Reserve of Puuc. This was achieved through doubling the effort but utilizing the same resources. The project's success led to an invitation to China to share the results and methodology.

According to Toshio Yokoyama Cobá, head of the Conservation and Management Directorate of the Secretariat of Sustainable Development (SDS), the data gathered is being used to create corridors for the jaguars. This is done in collaboration with the local community and helps inform government decisions on expanding protected natural areas based on scientific evidence.

For the safety of the species, Yokoyama Cobá did not disclose the exact location of the monitored jaguars. He did reveal that seven specimens have been identified and there is a potential new cub sighting. In another protected area, confirmation is pending for potentially up to 12 jaguars.