A healthcare worker in a clinic is seated facing away from the camera, examining or treating a patient's ear.

“Dengue Fever Alert: Outbreak Risk in Playa del Carmen?”

The Health Department of Solidaridad has reported the first potential cases of dengue fever during the current rainy season. The exact number of cases has not been released, pending official confirmation from health authorities.

In response, Carlos Contreras Mejorada, the Secretary of Health, has urged the public to clean up any waste that could provide breeding grounds for the mosquitoes that transmit the disease. He said, "While the number of suspected dengue cases has increased, they have not yet been confirmed. We advise anyone experiencing symptoms such as fever or joint pain to consult their doctor and request a test to rule out dengue. Fortunately, there has not been a significant rise in cases so far."

Solidaridad has experienced continuous rainfall for over ten days. Although the county enjoyed a sunny start to the day on Monday, heavy clouds soon returned, bringing isolated showers. This persistent rainfall has led to an increase in waterlogged areas, which are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Contreras Mejorada confirmed that the Health Department is working alongside other agencies, including Public Services, to eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites. He stated, "We encourage the public to support the clean-up campaigns run by the Public Services Department. We urge everyone to dispose of items that could provide breeding grounds for these insects."

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These campaigns are regularly promoted on the various official social media pages of the Solidaridad county council. In addition, the vector program of the Quintana Roo Health Department is in full operation.

With the ongoing rain, there have been reports of increased mosquito activity, particularly near vacant lots and wetlands. Contreras Mejorada strongly advised anyone showing symptoms to seek medical attention promptly and to avoid self-medication.