Attendees at a pride march carrying rainbow flags and a large transgender pride flag on a sunny day

9/10 LGBT+ in Quintana Roo Face Violence & Discrimination

The LGBTIAQ+ community has become increasingly visible in society, gaining rights to marriage, social security, and gender identity changes, among other things. Their representation in public office and business roles has grown, and they are now able to openly express their tastes and preferences that align with their identities.

Despite these advances, many still face significant challenges. Socorro Hernandez and Noami Hermina, for example, are part of the 17% of individuals aged between 45 and 60 who identify as LGBTIAQ+ in Quintana Roo. Out of the 96,634 individuals in this demographic, as reported by the National Institute of Statistics Geography and Informatics (Inegi), they have endured physical abuse, family rejection, and discrimination before achieving acceptance.

According to Inegi, 40% of individuals identify their preferences in early childhood, before the age of seven. However, acceptance and understanding of these identities often come much later, if at all, leading to a high prevalence of violence and discrimination. In Quintana Roo, nine out of ten LGBTIAQ+ individuals have experienced these hardships, underscoring the urgent need for societal change.

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