Two dogs inside separate black travel crates, looking out through the metal bars.

“Emergency Shelters in QROO: Pets Included! Find Out More”

In times of emergency, it's crucial to remember that all family members, including pets, need care and protection. Temporary shelters have made provisions for pets, urging residents not to abandon them. The governor has encouraged citizens to bring their pets along if they need to evacuate their homes due to flooding.

Currently, the shelters are home to seven puppies, an opossum, and two boas. The areas most affected by heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding are in Chetumal. The local schools CBTIS 253 and 214, along with Eva Sámano, have been converted into shelters. Residents requiring assistance can reach out to the authorities by dialing 911.

While the exact number of rescued pets wasn't disclosed, the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) emphasized the importance of animal rescue on social media. Sedena's posts highlight that their soldiers understand the value of life, and are committed to helping the community during these challenging times. They are actively implementing the DNIII-E Plan to assist those affected by the severe flooding in Chetumal.

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