Volunteers in bright green raincoats stand in floodwaters in front of a blue building, working together to manage the situation.

Tropical Storm Alberto Causes Severe Flooding in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen experienced significant flooding on Wednesday due to the impact of Tropical Storm Alberto. Rainfall exceeded a meter in some areas, with the heaviest downpours beginning around 1 am. The western parts of the city were the most severely affected, with power outages leading to traffic light failures.

The entrance to the Palmas Turquesa neighborhood was among the worst-hit areas, with several vehicles becoming stranded due to the floodwaters. Personnel from the Public Services Department spent hours desilting the area. A similar situation unfolded in the Real Ibiza neighborhood, directly opposite Riviera University.

Images shared on social media by the Solidaridad government highlighted the issue of blocked drains, largely due to the accumulation of plastic waste.

Local meteorologist Luis Antonio Morales Ocaña, who works with the Civil Protection Risk Prevention and Firefighters Department, indicated that weather conditions are unlikely to improve until Thursday. He noted that the 110 centimeters of rainfall recorded at the station represented the worst weather of the season. The heavy rain, however, has extinguished the fires that had been burning in the area for several days.

The Autonomous University of the State of Quintana Roo (Uqroo) Playa del Carmen suspended in-person classes due to the flooding. The university, located in a severe flood zone, has shifted to remote learning. Transportation services in the area are also currently irregular.

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Playa del Carmen had remained relatively untouched by heavy rains until this event. Moving forward, only isolated rainfall is expected in the coming days.