An individual proudly holding up a rainbow flag at a sunny pride parade with buildings in the background

Uncover the Ultimate LGBT+ Hotspots for Pride Month

June is a significant month for the LGBT+ community, as it marks the time for Pride marches across various states. These marches not only celebrate the community but also raise awareness about the ongoing struggles they face, such as hate crimes. This month also presents an opportunity to visit destinations known for their support of the LGBT+ community.


Puerto Vallarta is renowned for its vibrant nightlife. Establishments like Mr. Flamingo, Reinas Bar, LookOut, and Co-De offer an exciting glimpse into Jalisco's coastal life. The city's boutiques and restaurants provide the perfect setting for a romantic dinner, while the sunsets on Los Muertos Beach are not to be missed.


Riviera Maya's paradise beaches, including Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Isla Mujeres, offer the perfect backdrop for relaxation and celebration during Pride Month. Clubs like Amma Club, Mandala, and Social PubCrawl provide a lively party atmosphere.


Guadalajara's iconic Glorieta de la Minerva serves as the stage for the city's LGBT+ march on June 8. Known as a safe haven for the queer community, the city boasts numerous celebration spots, with clubs like Babel, Xico, and Six Colors known for their lively atmosphere.


Zipolite, one of Mexico's most famous beaches, is known for its countercultural environment and acceptance of nudism. The beach's respect for all forms of affection and freedom, along with its golden sandy beaches, make it an ideal oasis for many in the LGBT+ community.

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Mexico City is a favorite destination for those wishing to proudly wave the rainbow flag. The capital city offers a wide range of cultural and social activities, from street events to museums and theaters. For those seeking vibrant nightlife, venues like Kinky, Baby, La Purísima, Soberbia, and Rico are must-visit spots.