A street view showing multiple downed power poles and entangled electrical lines after a severe storm, with damaged vehicles and debris scattered around.

Cozumel Island Ravaged by Hurricane Beryl’s Wrath

On July 5, 2024, Hurricane Beryl unleashed its fury on Cozumel, the largest island of Quintana Roo. Islanders are often said to possess a unique bravery, and this was put to the test as Beryl struck with full force. The islanders faced their fears and maintained their composure as the storm's heavy rains and fierce winds arrived earlier than expected.

The night was filled with the deafening sounds of the hurricane's winds, the crashing sea, the relentless rain, and wooden debris flying in the Category 3 storm. The phrase "Hurricane Culture" is deeply ingrained in the memory of Cozumel's residents, who have endured the devastating effects of powerful hurricanes throughout history. These include the infamous "Hurricane of the Century", Gilberto in 1988, and the destructive Wilma nearly 19 years ago.

Four years after the passage of Hurricane Delta, Beryl arrived in 2024. The islanders knew it would disrupt their peace and take whatever else it could. On the night of July 4, a red alert was declared for Quintana Roo. In Cozumel, residents knew what needed to be done. They prepared themselves, storing water and supplies.

By 11 PM on July 4, the first winds of the hurricane were felt in Cozumel. Initially, the winds didn't cause much concern, but as the minutes and hours passed, the storm's power and the tension among the residents grew. At 2:30 AM on July 5, Hurricane Beryl made its presence known with increased winds and intensity. The sound of the Category 3 hurricane's 185 kilometer-per-hour winds was terrifying.

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From that moment, everything was uncertain as Beryl wreaked havoc on the streets and avenues. The dawn of July 5 was a somber sight, with fallen poles, downed trees, damaged houses, and public spaces battered by the storm. The physical damage will undoubtedly take weeks to repair, but the human spirit remains unbroken. This experience will serve as a powerful reminder to all Cozumel residents, especially the younger generation, of the incredible power of nature.