A police pickup truck with the words 'POLICIA MUNICIPAL' printed on the side is parked on the side of a sunny street with buildings in the background and other cars parked nearby.

Incredible: Family Outsmarts Kidnappers with ‘Lomitos’ in Tulum

A family in Tulum experienced a unique kidnapping incident on May 28th, where they were able to escape their abductors due to the intervention of their 'lomitos'. The State Attorney General's Office reported that two criminals broke into the family's home and began to forcibly remove one of the residents.

The intruders assaulted a man in the home and attempted to abduct him. However, their plan was foiled by the sudden appearance of the family's 'lomitos', which allowed the man to break free and alert the authorities.

Frustrated by their failed attempt to kidnap the man, the criminals decided to take a woman from the residence instead. They forced her into a gray vehicle and fled the scene.

The Investigation Police, in collaboration with local law enforcement, were able to track down and locate the vehicle. They successfully rescued the woman, who was found unharmed. The family's property was secured and is currently under surveillance pending further investigation.

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