A busy street scene with cars, minibuses, and a full-sized bus driving on a road with tropical greenery and blue skies in the background

Hurricane Beryl Update: Cancún Public Transport on Alert!

As Hurricane Beryl approaches, residents of Cancún have voiced concerns about the status of public transport services. Lourdes Vanessa Valenzuela Morales, the Municipal Director of Transportation and Traffic, has addressed these concerns. She confirmed that public transportation will continue to operate as usual until the severity of the situation requires a change, or until further notice from the appropriate authorities.

Morales explained that public transport will operate as long as the hurricane warning remains at yellow alert. "At our current status (yellow alert), public transport will continue to operate as normal. However, if we escalate to a red alert, indicating a significant risk to the public, that's when we would decide to suspend operations," she said.

She also noted that currently, around 900 public transport vehicles with state and municipal permits will continue to service the nearly 94 routes. This will continue until either the weather conditions necessitate a change, or the relevant authorities make a different decision.

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