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Cancún Mayor Ana Paty Peralta Makes Dramatic Comeback After Election Victory

Residents of the Nicolás Bravo community have taken action in response to the deteriorating condition of their roads and the local authorities' failure to repair them. They have blocked the main street and the entrance to the sascabera, effectively halting the activities of Mayan Train workers until their demands are met.

The decision was made during a community assembly held this Sunday. The residents voiced their concerns about the constant traffic of heavy vehicles transporting construction material for the Mayan Train project, which has been ongoing for a year. The intense rains in recent weeks have further worsened the condition of the roads, making them nearly impassable and posing a risk to the community.

The heavy traffic also poses a risk to students. The community members recalled a meeting two months ago where Sedena personnel promised to repair the roads, which led to the cancellation of a planned blockade.

Since early morning, Nicolás Bravo residents have blocked the street that connects the federal highway with the Colegio de Bachilleres and the "sascabera". Construction on section 7 of the Mayan Train has been partially suspended due to the inability to transport stone material.

The protestors are awaiting a meeting with the person in charge of the section, Lieutenant Colonel Mario de Jesús Acevedo Hernández. Despite the intervention of Mayor Neyla López Romero and the president of the Comisariado Ejidal, Zoyla Ochaeta Güemes, there has been no favorable response.

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If the situation continues, the blockade may extend to the area of the old landfill where the Army has set up an input storage site. Other communities such as Carlos A. Madrazo and Juan Sarabia, who are also facing road issues, may join the protest.