SHOCKING ATTACK: Uber Car Vandalized by Taxi Drivers in Chetumal

A car serving as an Uber was vandalized by taxi drivers from the “Andrés Quintana Roo” Union on Sunday morning. The incident took place outside the City Express hotel, located opposite the Moon Palace, as reported by other Uber drivers.

A video captured by the driver of the vandalized Subaru reveals the extent of the damage. The driver's side window and passenger side window were both shattered, and the windshield was also damaged.

According to fellow Uber drivers, the taxi driver responsible for the attack was operating vehicle number 1604. The incident occurred shortly after this driver had dropped off tourists at the City Express hotel. The tourists remained at the scene alongside the damaged vehicle and its driver, waiting for authorities to arrive and assess the situation.

Uber drivers also reported a similar incident that took place a few days prior at Cancún International Airport. In that instance, a taxi driver reportedly shattered a window of an Uber vehicle because the driver was dropping off tourists.

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