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Sargassum Forecast: Big Reduction Expected in Quintana Roo 2024

State and federal authorities are closely monitoring the migration of sargassum seaweed from Africa to the Caribbean Sea. The volume of seaweed that reaches the Mexican Caribbean is heavily influenced by weather conditions.

In 2023, the amount of sargassum that washed up on the shores of Quintana Roo was unusually high. A total of 42,000 tons of the macroalgae were collected, which was 10% more than anticipated. This information comes from Huguette Hernández Gómez, the head of the Secretariat of Ecology and Environment (SEMA).

However, the outlook for 2024 is more positive. According to the Quintana Roo Sargassum Roundtable, weather conditions are expected to reduce the volume of sargassum arriving on the beaches.

Since February, efforts have been underway to clean beaches that have been minimally affected by the sargassum. So far, approximately 9,250 tons of the seaweed have been collected.

In addition, a sargassum containment barrier is being installed along the Mexican Caribbean beaches. Of the planned 3,980 linear meters, 2,300 meters have already been put in place in Puerto Morelos. Progress in other areas is also ongoing, with Solidaridad at 45%, Othón P. Blanco at 25%, and Tulum at 43%.

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