Exterior view of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto Airport building with clear blue sky, featuring a statue monument in the foreground and lush green landscaping.

Exclusive: New Tulum Airport Tourist Transport Rates Unveiled

Sergio González Rubiera, president of the Mexican Association of Incoming Travel Agencies (Amatur), has stressed the need to reassess the current fares for tourist transport at Tulum airport. In a recent interview with Radio Fórmula, he revealed that the airport authorities have put forward a new fare proposal. This proposal is currently under review by the airport's Management Board.

González Rubiera believes that the proposed rates align more closely with the tourism industry's demands for competitive pricing. He emphasized that approving these rates is essential to maintain the airport's viability and prevent excessively high prices that could negatively affect the market.

In addition to the fare proposal, González Rubiera also highlighted the importance of properly training immigration agents to improve tourist services at Cancun airport. He noted that Amatur recently conducted a lecture on quality tourist service and emotion management for members of the National Immigration Institute at Cancun Airport. The lecture focused on the tourist's experience upon arrival at their destination, aiming to educate immigration agents about the importance of their demeanor and the role they play in forming visitors' first impressions.

González Rubiera expressed satisfaction with the officers' receptiveness to the training and stressed the need for ongoing education in this area to enhance the tourist experience in Quintana Roo. He concluded by stating that the proposed fare changes at Tulum airport, coupled with improved tourist service training, are crucial steps towards strengthening Quintana Roo's tourism industry and ensuring a positive experience for visitors.