A view of a calm sea with a ripple on the water's surface; sailboats are visible near the horizon under an overcast sky.

Mysterious ‘Water Eye’ Phenomenon Surfaces in Seybaplaya

An intriguing natural occurrence, known as a 'Water Eye', has been documented on the beach of Seybaplaya, Campeche. This event mirrors similar phenomena observed on the beaches of Quintana Roo, including Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, where three 'water eyes' have recently emerged.

'Water eyes' are created when the pressure within the aquifer layer increases significantly, forcing freshwater to rise to the surface through crevices and cracks. This event is a natural reaction to heavy rainfall that saturates the ground, leading to an overflow of subterranean water.

These temporary springs are expected to cease flowing once conditions stabilize, allowing the water to revert to its usual underground path on the Yucatán Peninsula. While this spectacle is a draw for visitors, it also underscores the importance of preserving our natural resources and appreciating the geological processes that sustain them.

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