A bulldozer clearing trees and vegetation, representing deforestation, with a pile of felled trees and a partly cleared forest in the background.

Maya Train Land Dispute: Owners Seek Fair Compensation

The Federal Government is yet to resolve a lawsuit over the incorrect valuation of the Camino del Sol property. This property was seized by the Army to make way for the North Section 5 route of the Maya Train. Despite the completion and operation of this section, the owners of Camino del Sol are still awaiting a resolution from the Collegiate Tribunal in Administrative and Labor Matters of Yucatán.

The owners had taken their case to the tribunal after the First District Court did not rule in their favor in December of the previous year. Their case, filed under case file 1954/2022 for indirect protection, was eventually dismissed. The plaintiffs are not seeking to reclaim their properties, which are now part of the train route. Instead, they are seeking fair compensation for their lands. They argue that the National Property Management and Appraisal Institute (Indaabin) incorrectly valued their private property, leading to an unfair ruling by the Federal Government.

Camino del Sol is situated at the entrance to the communities of Nuevo Noh-Bec and Campesinos Unidos, at the northwestern end of Playa del Carmen. The disputed area spans 8.4 hectares, according to the case file. The owners filed a lawsuit for an indirect injunction in August 2022. However, the First District Court dismissed the lawsuit in December of the same year, choosing not to protect the plaintiffs.

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On March 11, an appeal against the sentence was admitted in the aforementioned Collegiate Circuit Tribunal. In April, Indaabin presented what is known as an adhesive injunction against this appeal. According to case file 94/2024, a review of the injunction was issued by the Collegiate Tribunal on June 14, indicating that this new trial is nearing resolution.

The North Section 5, which spans about 50 kilometers, has been operational since last March. The segment runs from Cancún to Playa del Carmen, passing through Puerto Morelos.