A crocodile is partially submerged in water, with its body curved along the water's edge and its tail reflecting in the water surrounded by greenery.

Croc Crisis Averted: Heroic Rescue in Cozumel

A local resident in Cozumel recently reported the sighting of a young crocodile on the bike path in the northern hotel district of the island. This report led to the successful rescue and relocation of the reptile by the Cozumel Parks and Museums Foundation (FPMC).

The FPMC responded to the citizen's report and found the crocodile in good health after conducting a physical examination. The creature was then safely returned to its natural habitat.

Alejandro Marchán Payán, the General Director of the FPMC, stressed the critical role of public involvement in such instances. This event underscores the importance of collaboration between the authorities and the community in preserving local wildlife and maintaining safety.

Recent heavy rainfalls in Quintana Roo have led to an increase in wildlife, including crocodiles, venturing out of their natural habitats. This has raised the potential for accidents. Rafael Chacón Díaz, the Director of Conservation and Environmental Education (CEA), has urged residents to exercise additional caution when traveling in these areas.

The public is encouraged to report any sightings of wildlife that may be at risk to the phone number 987-112-9791. This will assist in the timely rescue and relocation of these animals.

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