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Navy Heroics at Bacalar Lagoon Rescue!

The Navy successfully carried out a rescue operation near Bacalar Lagoon. This event coincided with a cultural festival in the area, featuring an array of vibrant performances and activities.

The festival kicked off with a grand parade, featuring children, teenagers, and adults dressed in elegant suits and traditional Filipino attire for the men. The procession was accompanied by the lively sounds of charanga music, which played a variety of regional melodies, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Various jarana groups, known for their traditional dances, took part in a street tour. They visited local homes, showcasing their unique dance styles to the families living there. The charanga music was provided by "La Tizimileña" from Tizimín, Yucatán, and the first charanga band from Cozumel, "El Makech".

These two bands alternated performances, concluding with the traditional piece "Chinito Coy Coy". Following the performances, the authorities from Cedraleñas crowned the ambassadors of the jarana cultural groups, marking the end of the festivities.

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