A sunny day on a road with traffic and multiple billboards advertising hotels and a residential area advertised as the 'Best Place to Live'

Hazards Ahead: Dangers of Billboard Overload on Cancún-Puerto Morelos Highway

The Cancún-Puerto Morelos stretch of Federal Highway 307 is swamped with billboards, creating a potential hazard for daily commuters. Drivers have expressed concerns that the excessive advertising not only clutters the urban landscape but also serves as a dangerous distraction.

Moreover, the structural integrity of these billboards is questionable, especially during hurricane season. Last year, strong wind gusts along Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard toppled several billboards, one of which crushed a vehicle.

The highway has become a prime advertising space during the current electoral campaigns. Billboards featuring Mayusa González and Roberto Palazuelos, Senate candidates for the Citizen's Movement party, are particularly prominent. Claudia Sheinbaum's campaign also has a noticeable presence, with billboards installed by various coalition parties.

In addition to the billboard clutter, drivers are also troubled by the presence of heavy machinery parked along the highway's edges. Tractor-trailers and mixers are often left parked on the side of the road or the central median, rather than being stored on company property.

The highway is also dotted with construction sites, many of which leave open trenches along the road. These hazards, combined with high vehicle speeds and a lack of caution, have already resulted in multiple accidents.

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