A woman in a black t-shirt is smiling and interacting with a man and another woman wearing political campaign shirts inside a small shop with items on display.

“Exclusive: Puerto Aventuras Residents Rally Behind 4T Candidate Juan Carrillo”

Residents of Puerto Aventuras have expressed their intention to vote for the 4T movement, supporting Claudia Sheinbaum and all candidates from the Green Party, Morena, and PT. This was confirmed by Juan Carrillo, a candidate for federal deputy for district I.

While campaigning alongside Silvia Dzul, a candidate for local deputy for district 12, Carrillo personally engaged with community members. They assured him of their intention to vote for him in the upcoming June 2nd elections. They believe in his commitment to continue advocating for family welfare from his position in Congress.

Residents believe that the 4T movement has created opportunities for all, and that it will continue to prioritize the needs of the people. This is a stark contrast to previous neoliberal governments, which they feel prioritized their own interests over those of the people.

Carrillo expressed his gratitude to the residents of Puerto Aventuras for their votes three years ago. He also thanked them for their continued trust in his ability to represent their interests in Congress.

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