People enjoying a day at the beach with clear skies and calm waters.

“Mahahual Beaches Stay Pristine Amid Sargassum Onslaught”

The beaches of Mahahual are experiencing the start of the macroalgae season, marked by the arrival of sargassum seaweed. However, efforts to maintain cleanliness are already underway, with various teams of workers diligently cleaning up the beaches.

The Municipality of Othón P. Blanco has noted an increase in seaweed wash-up since Thursday. This is considered a normal occurrence for this time of year, when the presence of the plant typically intensifies.

In anticipation of the season, a temporary workforce has been deployed, along with cleaning machinery. Despite the influx of sargassum, the beaches of Mahahual remain clean and inviting for tourists.

Environmental authorities are keeping a close eye on a patch of approximately 500 thousand tons of seaweed located in the lower part of the Yucatán Peninsula.

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