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Reviving Mayan Language: A Literary Journey

Professor and researcher Ksenia Sidorova, from the Faculty of Anthropological Sciences at Uady, is championing the learning of the Mayan language through a reading initiative. The program, titled "Kuxa'an T’aan", is part of the "Voz viva" initiative run by the Municipality of Mérida. The event will be held today at noon at the José Martí Cultural Center, located in the Park of the Americas.

In "Kuxa'an T’aan", Sidorova will share her experiences learning the Mayan language, discuss its importance, and talk about her efforts to promote it among the youth. "I have worked on matters related to the Mayan language both in research and in practical application with students from the Faculty of Anthropological Sciences and high school students," Sidorova said.

Sidorova's interest in languages and culture led her to study Linguistics and Anthropology. Upon moving to Yucatán, she enrolled in the Mayan language interpreter program at the Municipal Academy of Mayan Language. As an educator, she noticed that many young people from Mayan families no longer spoke their ancestral language.

Sidorova believes that literature is a vital tool for language learning, as it provides a gateway to understanding the culture and the Mayan way of thinking. She highlighted the book "Kuxa'an t’aan", which shares its name with her initiative. The book is a collection of stories and poetry in Mayan, translated into Spanish by various authors. It also includes audio recordings of the authors reading their works, bringing the words to life.

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Sidorova is also part of the student collective "Weech" (armadillo), established in 2019. The group's mission is to revalue the Mayan language through activities at the Faculty of Anthropological Sciences and via social media platforms like Facebook. The collective has assembled a library of books in the Mayan language at the faculty. The young members of Weech are eager to learn Mayan and are advocating for more spaces where the language can be practiced.