An official document with text and emblems from the "Fiscalía General del Estado Quintana Roo" and a redacted photo of a person whose eyes are covered for privacy.

Shocking Case of Human Trafficking: Man Arrested for Recruiting Women into Prostitution

Osvaldo Gabriel “N” has been implicated in a case involving human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution. He was apprehended by the Investigation Police in the municipality of Benito Juárez.

The authorities had been monitoring social networks when they came across a suspicious post. The post allegedly offered jobs to women as young as 17, promising good benefits and requiring a good presentation. Investigators contacted the poster to arrange a meeting.

Upon meeting with Osvaldo Gabriel “N", the authorities discovered that two women had also been invited. One was a 17-year-old Mexican, and the other a 22-year-old Cuban. The authorities believed the women were being recruited to provide sexual services, which was the true nature of the "job" they were offered.

Following the arrest of Osvaldo Gabriel "N", and the presentation of evidence, a control judge issued an order to proceed with legal action against him. He has been given a preventive detention order for two years, or for the duration of the legal process he now faces.

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