Exterior view of a two-story town hall with 'PALACIO MUNICIPAL' sign and a statue in front under a cloudy sky.

“New Museum Alert: Playa del Carmen’s Old Municipal Palace Makeover!”

The transformation of Playa del Carmen's old municipal palace into a museum has been given the green light by the Cabildo of Solidaridad. The proposal now awaits approval from the State Congress.

Daniela Jáuregui, the second spokesperson of the Governing Board of the Institute of Culture and Arts, expressed optimism about the project's prospects. "We're eager to see how this initiative will take shape and what its guidelines will be. Given the scale and ambition of the project, we need substantial resources to ensure it becomes a first-rate museum," she said in a recent interview.

The proposed museum is expected to make a significant regional and international impact. Its focus will be on three themes: history, art, and nature. This thematic structure will help preserve the archaeological artifacts and relics discovered in the region.

If approved, the property would be leased to the Governing Board of the Institute of Culture and Arts for 15 years. However, the goal is for the lease to extend up to 99 years.

Jáuregui explained the reasoning behind this, saying, "The Institute of Culture is an entity that evolves with each administration. We don't want this landmark project to be influenced by transient administrations. Therefore, we're aiming for a lease period of at least 99 years with the State Congress."