A young opossum perched on a person's arm, showcasing its distinctive facial markings and prehensile tail.

“Discover Tulum’s Diverse Wildlife: Naturalists Identify 140 Species!”

In Tulum, Quintana Roo, over 20 ecologists recently took part in a significant international program. The program, which attracted the attention of more than 80,000 observers worldwide, involved documenting 200 observations of local wildlife.

The team from the Eco-Bay Foundation collaborated with 26 other naturalists to identify 140 different species. The data collected spanned a wide range of life forms, from birds and plants to mammals and corals, reflecting the incredible biodiversity of the region.

Among the most notable species identified were the Black Spiny-tailed Iguana, the Yucatan Jay, the Brown Pelican, and the Yucatan Squirrel. Threatened species in Mexico, such as the Canoe-billed Toucan and the Red Mangrove, were also observed.

The use of digital platforms like iNaturalist has proven to be an essential tool for understanding and protecting local biodiversity. The Eco-Bay Foundation also promoted the use of this application during ecotours organized by ExoBahía. Both guests of the Bahía Príncipe Riviera Maya Resort and residents of the Tulum Country Club were encouraged to use the app, emphasizing the importance of conserving the local ecosystem.

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