Discover the Billionaire Mastermind behind Parque Aztlán and Tren Maya

Have you ever pondered the connection between Parque Aztlán and Tren Maya? Both projects are the brainchild of the same construction company, the Mota-Engil group. The group, which also specializes in industrial services, engineering, environmental solutions, energy, and real estate, is responsible for the development of Parque Aztlán and Tren Maya.

Parque Aztlán was part of a recovery effort for the extinct Feria de Chapultepec, while Tren Maya is a project aimed at sustainable development in southeastern Mexico. The Mota-Engil group, originally founded in Portugal in 1946, has been working with Mexican administrations since 2008. The group is currently led by billionaire José Miguel Bejos, who has successfully integrated the construction company into various projects of the Fourth Transformation.

José Miguel Bejos, the president of Mota-Engil, is not just a businessman. He is also a commissioner of the Mexican professional golf tour and the owner of the Pericos Puebla, a team in the Mexican Baseball League. Bejos is an Economics graduate from Anáhuac University. He is a founding partner of Urban Images and Furniture (IMU) and sits on the board of directors of the Mexican Aeronautics Group, which includes companies like Bell Helicopter Mexico.

Bejos' involvement in public works extends beyond Tren Maya and Parque Aztlán. He has secured approximately 17,418 million pesos from Tren Maya and invested 3,638 million pesos in Parque Aztlán. During the current federal term, Bejos has also contributed to other construction projects, including:

  • The rehabilitation of the Coatzacoalcos-Palenque train
  • The Guadalajara Metro
  • The Monterrey Metro
  • Nayarit road maintenance
  • The Tultepec-AIFA-Pyramids Highway
  • The Siervo de la Nación Highway
  • The Cardel Poza Rica Highway
  • The Tuxpan-Tampico Highway
  • Acapulco's western bypass
  • The Perote-Xalapa road project