Mayan Train Substation

“Maya Train Project: Environmental Catastrophe Uncovered!”

On a quiet Thursday, May 23, a group of environmentalists and archaeologists surveyed the southern stretch of the Maya Train project. The usual sounds of birdsong were replaced by the mechanical hum of machinery. Where once stood 10 million trees, now lay kilometers of towering concrete structures. Ancient Mayan relics, once hidden within caves and underground rivers, are now buried beneath rubble and debris. This stretch, extending from Playa del Carmen to Tulum, was rerouted from highway 307 into the jungle to accommodate hoteliers.

President López Obrador has publicly expressed his concern over the environmental damage caused by the Calica mine. However, the destruction caused by the Maya Train project in this region is tenfold. This project, overseen by the State, has rapidly devastated what took nature and its inhabitants millions of years to create. This region was once one of the most diverse and rich ecosystems on the planet, but it has been drastically altered in a relatively short period.

Environmental activists have taken legal action against the project, resulting in a judge granting a definitive suspension of work on the southern stretch. The future of this area now hangs in the balance, highlighting the ongoing struggle between development and preservation.

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