Construction site showing partially built concrete pillars for an overpass with construction machinery and vehicles in the background under a cloudy sky. Barriers are visible in the foreground.

“Mayan Train Station Access Bridge Under Construction Near Cancun Airport!”

Construction is progressing on the expansion of Highway 180D, located near Cancun International Airport. The project includes the creation of an elevated bypass designed to improve traffic flow to the Mayan Train station. The bridge, set to span 400 meters, is already taking shape with heavy machinery and materials visible on-site.

The foundations for the 28 piles that will support the bridge structure are now complete. To help manage traffic during construction, a lane has been opened for motorists traveling from Huayacán Avenue to Federal Highway 307. However, drivers are urged to exercise caution due to the presence of construction materials and machinery, especially during peak hours.

The construction site is located near a military garrison, resulting in a significant presence of Sedena personnel in the area. The project, which began in October of last year, is expected to be completed by July. It forms part of the Comprehensive Program for the Development of Strategic Projects in Cancún, funded by the Federal Government.

The project includes not only the four-lane vehicular bridge but also the expansion of Highway 180 to four lanes, a road distributor for access to the Mayan Train station, and the laying of asphalt on the 2-kilometer stretch of the project.