An illustrated image of a hand putting a ballot into a voting box signifying participation in an election.

Yucatán 2024 Elections: Find Your Polling Station Now!

On June 2, citizens across the country will have the opportunity to participate in the 2024 elections, the largest ever due to the number of positions up for grabs. Yucatán is no exception, and it's important to know when the polling stations will open.

Eligible adults holding a valid voting ID will have the chance to elect a new state governor, refresh the local congress, and vote for the 106 municipal presidencies and 587 council positions. To find your local polling station, visit the official site of the National Electoral Institute (INE).

On Sunday, June 2, 2024, polling stations will open from 8:00 am, allowing citizens to cast their votes in the state elections of Yucatán. Votes can also be placed for federal level positions, including the presidency of the Republic, deputies, and senators.

Polling stations will close at 18:00, but only if all registered voters have already cast their votes. If there are still citizens in line to vote after 18:00, the polling station will remain open until those who arrived by 18:00 have voted. Any individuals joining the line after 18:00 will be informed by the president of the polling station that they are unable to vote.

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