A person's hand reaching into a refrigerator full of chilled beer bottles, some with condensation.

Alcohol Ban Battle in Yucatán: Canirac vs. Government

In Yucatán, a plea from the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac) has been overlooked. The organization had requested that establishments primarily selling prepared food be exempt from the ban on alcohol sales. This prohibition was imposed by electoral authorities to prevent any potential issues on the election day of Sunday, June 2, and the preceding day.

Canirac had urged its members nationwide to not comply with the "dry law" on Saturday, June 1, and Sunday, June 2. They argued that alcohol sales should be allowed as an additional offering during the election day.

However, the state government responded stating that in accordance with the Electoral Law, and at the behest of the electoral authority, the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in Yucatán will be prohibited for two days due to the upcoming election on June 2. This was outlined in the SSY 02/2024 Agreement published in the Official State Gazette.

The government has confirmed that there will be no changes to this agreement. This is in line with the request from the Electoral Institute and Citizen Participation (Iepac) of Yucatán. The organization cites this measure as being in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Institutions and Electoral Procedures of the State of Yucatán, specifically in its article 301, second paragraph.