A man speaks at a podium in front of an audience and a panel of seated officials at an indoor anniversary event

“Unveiling Tulum’s 16th Anniversary at Yanal-Ha Museum”

Tulum's 16th anniversary as a municipality serves as a testament to its growth and transformation. It's a celebration of the community's commitment to creating a better Tulum for future generations.

A special ceremony was held today, marking the 16th anniversary of Tulum's establishment as a municipality. The event took place at the Yanal-Ha Museum, renowned for its exhibition of underwater Maya cultural artifacts.

The ceremony honored the key individuals and founders who helped shape Tulum into the ninth constitutional municipality of Quintana Roo. But it wasn't just a commemorative event. It also provided a moment to reflect on the journey so far and contemplate future challenges.

Prominent figures from various sectors attended the event. They all agreed on the importance of preserving Tulum's cultural and natural heritage while encouraging its sustainable development.

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