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Yucatán Governor’s Bold “Mayan Renaissance” Plan Unveiled to Mexico City Leaders

Joaquín Díaz Mena, the Governor-elect of Yucatán, recently met with business leaders in Mexico City to discuss the upcoming "Mayan Renaissance" Plan. This initiative, set to launch with the incoming 4T Government on October 1st, aims to stimulate investment and development within the state.

Díaz Mena shared his vision for Yucatán's future during this meeting. "I presented my Mayan Renaissance Plan, which will drive investment and development in our state," he explained.

The plan includes several key projects such as the expansion and modernization of the Progreso High Seaport, promoting the use of natural gas in industry and commerce, and establishing a multimodal connection between the Transístmico Train, the Mayan Train, and the Port of Progreso. Additionally, it aims to boost the state's tourism sector.

"I will work alongside the business community to build a prosperous Yucatán, where everyone has access to opportunities and further development," Díaz Mena stated.

He reminded attendees that these significant infrastructure projects have been in the planning stages for over 15 years but have not been realized due to a lack of state resources. However, with the backing of the Federal Government, these projects can finally be executed.

Díaz Mena highlighted the importance of supplying natural gas to the two combined cycle plants currently under construction with federal investment. This will not only benefit the business sector and industry but could potentially extend to residential areas experiencing population growth.

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The meeting was attended by executives and representatives from companies including Microsoft, Oxxo, Bepensa, Ecoce, Canipec, the Mexican Business Council, Nestlé, ConMéxico, Connecting Mexico, Grupo Modelo, FedEx, Liverpool, Autodesk, and AES, among others.