Protestors with a banner reading "PRESUPUESTO DIGNO PARA EDUCACIÓN!" in front of tents next to a parked car, advocating for adequate education budget.

Yucatan Teachers Set for Backdated Pay Raise!

The Yucatan government has confirmed that a pay raise, approved by the Federal Government, will be granted to teachers and other educational staff in the state. The pay raise, which is backdated to January 2024, is set to be implemented in the near future.

The pay increase is part of the Single Salary Negotiation 2024, a scheme agreed upon by the Federal Public Education Secretary (SEP) and the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) in line with the Fiscal Coordination Law.

The announcement follows a recent protest at the Government Palace by a group of teachers demanding the implementation of the pay increase. A delegation of Basic Education teachers met with the legal representatives of the State Education Secretaries (Segey), Ricardo Cruz Campos, and General Government Secretary, Gabriel Puc Maldonado.

The officials acknowledged the teachers' demands and confirmed that the Federation had issued a notification about the pay increase. The teachers were reminded that, as per the Federation's directives, Federal Entities should not conduct any additional or parallel salary negotiations beyond the Single Salary Negotiation 2024. Consequently, no additional extraordinary federal supports will be approved.

The Yucatan State Government has pledged to apply the pay increase strictly as authorized by the Federation, adhering to the relevant pay scales. The government will also make a budgetary effort to ensure that state employees receive the same percentage increases as federal employees.

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The state government reiterated its commitment to implementing the pay increase in line with the terms of the Fiscal Coordination Law. It also pledged to ensure that teachers and educational workers in Yucatan receive their respective payments as swiftly as possible.