A group of people gathered around a man writing in a notebook with a traditional thatched-roof structure in the background and a vehicle partially visible.

Protest Halts Landfill Construction in Manuel Antonio Ay

Residents of Manuel Antonio Ay, a community located in the transition zone, recently staged a protest against the construction of a landfill in their area. The landfill project, which is already 70% complete, led to a nearly two-hour blockade of the Tulum-Cobá highway. The protest was lifted after the residents reached an agreement with local authorities.

Bernabé Pech Ramírez, the Secretary General of the Tulum City Council, arrived on the scene and agreed to temporarily halt the landfill project. He also promised to meet with the protestors on Monday, June 24, to discuss potential solutions and alternatives.

Despite the rain, dozens of residents gathered around 2:30 pm to block the highway with stones, wood, and cut trees. The protest stranded hundreds of vehicles on the road, which serves as a vital connection between the Mayan area of Tulum and the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatan.

Pech Ramírez requested the protestors to remove the blockade, explaining that the Tulum City Council was open to discussions about the project. He claimed that the local population, delegation, and ejido had been informed about the landfill. However, the protestors argued they had not been properly informed about the project and demanded its cancellation.

After negotiations, Pech Ramírez signed a commitment to remove the blockade and address the protestors' concerns in a meeting scheduled for Monday, June 22, at 7 pm in the community's sports dome.

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The landfill project, which will cover 10 hectares of commonly used land, was approved on June 10 during the 67th Ordinary Session of the City Council. The project had been postponed twice before its approval and is set to be located on plot 23 of the Manuel Antonio Ay ejido.