A couple holding hands and walking along the shore at a busy beach, with other beachgoers and boats in the background

“Warning: Isla Mujeres Beachgoers Urged to Take Safety Precautions”


With the forecast predicting adverse weather and strong winds this weekend due to a "Surada", the local authorities of Isla Mujeres are urging beachgoers to follow safety guidelines to prevent accidents. This applies to both locals and tourists visiting the beaches.

The safety guidelines include following the instructions of lifeguards, paying attention to the color of the flags displayed in the beach area, and staying within the buoyed areas. If you plan on entering the water, avoid consuming alcohol. If you're planning on boating, make sure to check the notices issued by the Port Authority.

Isla Mujeres has seven lifeguards on duty, with three stationed at Playa Centro, three at Playa Norte, and one at Playa Media Luna. The flags on the beach are color-coded for safety: a green flag indicates that the beach is open, while a red flag means the beach is closed. It's crucial to check the flag's color before entering the water.

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