A person stands behind a table displaying various jars of pickled vegetables under a tent canopy outdoors.

“Revolutionizing Agroecology: Women Leading Eco-Tech Fair”

The Túumben K'óoben cooperative in Felipe Carrillo Puerto is promoting eco-technologies and their significance in agroecology, a vital aspect of rural life in the Yucatan Peninsula. As part of these efforts, the cooperative recently hosted the inaugural Peninsular Fair of Eco-Technologies, themed "Women in Agroecology". The event saw active participation from women, farmers, and organizations, all demonstrating sustainable solutions for agricultural work.

Dulce Magaña, a representative of the cooperative, shared that the cooperative's Agroecological and Conservation Center, “Náaybi Lu’um” (Dreamed Earth), served as the venue for the event. The center aims to be the first school of agroecology in Quintana Roo. She explained that the fair included practical workshops attended by 80 individuals who were actively involved in learning about and building eco-technologies. Together, they successfully installed a rainwater harvesting system, a solar-powered well pump, and a basic solar lighting system.

The fair also featured the construction of a wood-saving stove, an oven, a biofilter system for reusing soapy water waste, and a variety of food and fermented manures to enrich the soil. Demonstrations of a dry toilet, bicycle machines, and solar pots were also part of the event. "With many hands and hours of work, we transformed Náaybi Lu’um into a site that will host future workshops to continue educating young people, men, and women," said Magaña.

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She emphasized the benefits of understanding that there are ecological and sustainable alternatives for everyday and rural life. These alternatives can be adapted to different territories and contexts, and individuals can learn to install, build, and incorporate them into their daily lives.