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Cancun Soriana Workers Demand Fair Profit Share

Employees at Soriana, a supermarket chain in Cancun, initiated a strike today, demanding fair distribution of company profits. The workers claim they have not received their share of the profits in a timely or appropriate manner, as required by law.

The strike began around 8 a.m., with workers blocking entrances and exits to several Soriana locations. One such location was the Rancho Viejo branch, where employees vowed to continue the blockade until a fair agreement is reached.

The employees allege that company executives attempted to pay them a mere 200 in profit shares, an offer they unanimously rejected. The workers have chosen to strike until the company adheres to the legal requirement to distribute a portion of the annual profits.

Each Soriana store employs between 200 and 300 workers, suggesting that approximately 2,000 employees are participating in the strike across Cancun. Soriana has branches in various locations including Paraíso Maya, Prado Norte, Region 103, Los Heroes, and Rancho Viejo.

It is anticipated that company representatives will visit one of the affected branches in the coming hours in an attempt to negotiate a resolution with the striking workers.

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