Children playing a ball game at a school sports event with one child in red throwing a ball towards a hanging ring and others watching.

Magical Quidditch Tournament Inspires Students to Embrace Hogwarts Spirit

On May 25, 2024, in Merida, Yucatan, students from Venustiano Carranza Elementary School transformed their campus into a magical setting for a Quidditch tournament. Inspired by the Harry Potter series, this adaptation of the fictional sport offered students a unique experience, fostering teamwork, coordination, and creativity.

Dressed in brooms and Hogwarts house uniforms, the students brought the wizarding world to life. The victorious team was Gryffindor from the sixth grade group A, who scored a total of 180 points. They also won the trophy for "Best Seeker" and "Best Broom".

Maria Fernanda Juarez Canul, the Physical Education Coordinator from Segey, thanked all the participants on behalf of the Minister of Education, Liborio Vidal Aguilar. She highlighted the innovative initiative's ability to develop sporting skills while combining effort and fun.

The tournament participants were fifth and sixth-grade students, divided into teams according to the Hogwarts houses' colors. Ravenclaw was represented by sixth B, Slytherin by fifth A, Hufflepuff by fifth B, and the winning Gryffindor team by sixth A.

The immersive experience began with the students and teachers creating their own paper balls, shields, banners, and brooms for the tournament. Each game emulated the thrilling magical sport, fostering teamwork, coordination, and creativity.

In each team, six players and one seeker competed in three rounds of two 20-minute matches. The game involved players, mounted on brooms, running with the ball to score a goal in one of the three hoops at each end of the field. The game concluded when the seeker removed the ball representing the Snitch.

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Gissell Vargas Cetina, a Physical Education supervisor with over a decade of experience in promoting innovative sports in educational communities, praised the event. She commented on the remarkable engagement of the students in the magic of Quidditch, which not only promotes physical activity but also instills values like teamwork and self-improvement.

Ms. Vargas Cetina mentioned that this initiative aims to offer something different and innovative to motivate students to engage in sports activities. It has been well-received by the entire school community, resulting in a total of 16 tournaments being held in primary schools.