A group of people on a stage at a political rally with banners that read 'ANA PATY', signifying support for a candidate.

Ana Paty Peralta’s Historic Victory Celebration in Cancun

Ana Paty Peralta, the newly elected municipal president of Cancun, celebrated her victory this afternoon at the Toro Valenzuela dome. The celebration, attended by hundreds of supporters, included a taco party and soft drinks.

The event was held in region 90, specifically at the Toro Valenzuela dome, where people gathered to celebrate Peralta's victory. Prior to the celebration, Peralta, accompanied by her supporters, paraded through the streets of the region with a band and cheers directed at her.

Peralta's councilors, as well as Deputy Alberto Batún, were present at the event. Batún expressed his admiration and support for Peralta.

Peralta, the mayor of Benito Juarez, won the 2024 elections with over 70 percent of the votes. This makes her the first woman to win by such a large margin.

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