A weathered green sign with white pictograms indicating a temporary shelter with symbols of a family, including a figure with a disability, and text 'REFUGIO TEMPORAL' underneath.

“Tulum Braces for Hurricane Season: Mayor Unveils 30 Temporary Shelters”

Tulum's mayor, Diego Castañón, has announced the establishment of temporary shelters in anticipation of the 2024 hurricane and rainy season, and the approaching Hurricane Beryl. In a recent press conference discussing the weather forecast, Castañón revealed that 30 temporary shelters have been established across the region.

These shelters are distributed throughout the region with 10 in the county seat, two each in Akumal, Chanchen Palmar, Chanchen Primero, Chemuyil, Coba, Francisco Uh May, and San Juan. There is also one each in Hondzonot, Macario Gómez, Manuel Antonio Ay, Sahcab Mucuy, and Yaxche.

Juan Manuel Castilla, the Director of Civil Protection in Tulum, stated that they will be working closely with the local hotel association to arrange temporary accommodations for tourists if needed. Many hoteliers have their own shelters, and the authorities will work in collaboration with them to ensure the safety of all visitors.

Mayor Castañón also emphasized that the municipality will continue with their cleaning brigades, dredging, fumigation, and junk removal campaigns. He urged residents to stay informed and calm, and to keep a close watch on the weather forecasts.

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