A street view with a thatched hut on the left side, a white van in the center, and a colorful mural on the right side, with the words "FUERTES IMÁGENES" displayed over the image.

Tragic US Tourist Drowns in Tulum Cenote at Night

A US tourist tragically lost his life while swimming in the Calavera Cenote, a popular tourist spot in Tulum. It is believed that the man suffered a heart attack while in the water, which led to his drowning. The incident occurred late in the evening, around 11:30 PM.

Emergency services were alerted to a life-and-death situation at the Calavera Cenote, situated on the Tulum-Cobá state highway. A medical unit from Hospital Tulum was dispatched to the scene, only to find that the man had already passed away.

Upon discovering the situation, the paramedics immediately informed the Municipal Police. The ministerial authorities were then notified, and the area was promptly cordoned off. All other swimmers were evacuated from the site.

Due to the challenging nature of the rescue, firefighters were called in to retrieve the body. After a little over an hour, they were able to recover the man, who was found with bloodstains, a result of water inhalation causing his lungs to burst.

The deceased was identified as 35-year-old Luis Angel “N”, originally from Michoacán, Mexico, but currently residing in Los Angeles, California. His wife, who was present at the scene, was also attended to due to a nervous breakdown.

The body has since been transferred to the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO), where it awaits collection by family members.