A split image showing a dark coastal area with people gathered and emergency services present, with debris scattered on the ground, and a second image depicting emergency personnel and bystanders near damaged structures with a palm tree in the background.

Tragic Beach Incident: Tourist Drowns at Playa Del Carmen

A tragic incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at Playa Del Carmen, where a tourist from Guadalajara drowned. The man, approximately 35 years old, was enjoying his time on the beach when the incident happened around 6:00 PM in the federal maritime zone along Benito Juarez Avenue.

Eyewitnesses reported that the man ignored warning signs from the Civil Protection authorities and the red flag indicating dangerous wave conditions due to strong ocean currents. It was also suggested that the tourist may have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

Several beach-goers attempted to come to his aid when he called for help. However, the severe wave conditions made it impossible for them to reach him. By the time Civil Protection and lifeguards arrived at the scene, the man was unfortunately no longer showing signs of life.

The forensics service was responsible for retrieving the body and conducting the subsequent legal autopsy. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder to always pay attention to the warning signs placed on beaches by authorities. This is especially important when a red flag is flying, as it indicates a high risk of drowning.

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