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Emergence of Violent Groups in Yucatán: Arrests in Tizimín Spark Concern

Three individuals were recently arrested in Tizimín by the Public Security Secretariat (SSP), sparking concerns about the emergence of violent groups in the community. The suspects, identified as Rodolfo E. B. (38), Jesus P. D. C. (33), and Ricardo B. M. (27), were apprehended while in a gray Ford 150 truck on 50th street in the 8 streets neighborhood.

When questioned by the officers, the trio gave inconsistent responses, prompting a thorough search of their vehicle. The police discovered pyrotechnics, baseball bats, wooden planks, a Pr24 baton (typically reserved for police use), and an axe inside the truck.

Given the presence of these destructive items, the suspects were taken into custody and their truck was seized by the State Police due to insufficient documentation. It was later revealed that the driver of the truck had managed to flee the scene before the police arrived.

In related news, minor skirmishes have been reported in other neighborhoods, with individuals from different political parties accusing each other of election-related misconduct, known locally as "mapacheo", in the lead-up to the upcoming elections.

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