A pink piglet peeking through a wooden fence with its snout visible and eyes concealed behind the horizontal bamboo slats.

Elderly Man Tragically Killed by His Own Pig!

In a shocking incident in Mérida, a 70-year-old man was killed by his own pig. The tragedy occurred on Calle 39, where the man was attacked while tending to the pig in its pen.

The man had entered the pen to feed the pig and clean its area when the situation took a deadly turn. His cries for help were heard by neighbors in the El Roble colony, who quickly alerted emergency services.

Responding officers from the Public Security Secretariat arrived to find a gruesome scene. The man was found lifeless, with the pig nearby, covered in blood.

Upon hearing of the incident, the victim's family attempted to take matters into their own hands, arming themselves with machetes. However, they were stopped by authorities who explained the pig was crucial for the ongoing investigation.

The State Attorney General's Office has since launched an investigation to determine the exact circumstances of the attack. There are currently two theories being considered. One suggests that the man slipped, allowing the pig to attack him. The other theory proposes that the pig knocked the man over and, due to his age, he was unable to defend himself.

The man's injuries were primarily concentrated on his feet and abdomen, with some of his organs suffering damage. The investigation continues as authorities work to clarify the details of this tragic event.